2019 Vendors

High Class Hillbilly

Vintage finds for all kinds. We've searched high and low for your reward. Based in Nashville, TN and curated by singer-songwriter Nikki Lane, High Class Hillbilly is a vintage boutique stuffed to the brim with vintage boots, hats, leather goods, and more vintage tee's than we can count. Picking our way across the US, the road is full of surprises - we never know what hidden treasures are waiting for us at the next stop.  If you're visiting Music City, be sure to drop by, or shop your heart out online at highclasshillbilly.com. If you have a request, let us know. We're always on the lookout!


Giles & Brother

is a jewelry and accessories design house with a strong point of view and a foundation in American craftsmanship, Giles & Brother offers a smart, pared-down perspective on fashion jewelry. We believe that a piece becomes more beautiful when it reveals the hand that made it, and our signature brass and silver oxide finishes maintain a rough-hewn quality that imbues our cuffs, wraps, rings and necklaces with their own heritage. Our signature collections not only embody the American pioneering spirit through their iconography, but are pioneers in the industry as well—changing the conversation about fashion jewelry since 2001.

Philip Crangi is a New York-based jewelry designer who hails from South Florida. Philip designs his jewelry from a personal and thoughtful place, weaving together images from his own history with those from our collective past, and creating pieces that become enduring additions to the wearer’s personal narrative. Trained at the Rhode Island School of Design, Philip launched his eponymous fine jewelry line as well as Giles & Brother with his sister Courtney in 2001. His designs have been regularly featured in publications worldwide. Philip’s latest venture; Philip Crangi and Co., is partially a return to his past, creating a new jewelry collection of Bronze set with diamonds as well as a tabletop and hardware collection. This new company was founded in 2018 and continues in the spirit of finding beauty through hand craft and design.


Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation is a 1970’s California inspired lifestyle brand founded by Texas Native, Paige Mycoskie. Aviator Nation clothes are hand-made in California.

Perfectly distressed hoodies and sweatpants are the foundation of what we do, but our aim is to unite a tribe of passionate individuals who want to inspire the world. We are a brand that believes in the highest quality of goods and the ultimate in customer satisfaction. We strive to create products that reflect our values and highlight the beauty of imperfection. Aviator Nation celebrates a time when music, surfing, and a love for community shaped our culture. Our mission is to keep this energy alive.

We recently opened our 7th store on S. Congress in Austin, TX. This location boasts a rad state of the art sound, where we host live shows regularly with up and coming local musicians. The Austin store location is quickly becoming a community staple.

Aviator Nation has been partnering with Austin City Limits Music Festival since 2012. Each year the Aviator Nation merchandise continues to sell out fast. This will be the first year for the Aviator Nation Luck Reunion collection and we anticipate that it will also be a huge success.


Ft. Lonesome

Camp and Custom garments are herded into the stable by Kathie Sever, who, during her time as the designer of the children’s clothing line Ramonster, came to the conclusion that there had to be a clientele for clothing born of a mindfulness the manufacturing industry has by and large chosen not to cultivate.

Transitioning from manufacturing en masse to focusing on one garment at a time has allowed for the return to the kind of hyper-attention to detail that is impossible to recreate in a production situation – the symbiotic creation that is born from the collaboration of the client and the maker. The choices; each made specific to the moment, the person, and the desire.

Our studio here at Fort Lonesome World Headquarters is set up to, and enthusiastic about working with clients both singular and vast. Chainstitch embroidery will always be a one-of-a-kind labor of love, no matter the size of the job, so we're able to give equal attention and intention to every client we work with. We're eager see the reestablishment of non-digitized, maker-driven, domestic embroidery and happy to connect with anyone else looking to incorporate this type of specialized skill into their collection.


Art by Brian Phillips

In the world of salvaged wood artist Brian Phillips, dumpsters contain treasure, and gold can be struck in a scrap pile by the side of the road. The reclaimed wood that forms the foundation of his work is often rife with blemishes, knots, and nail holes. Working in a 20-foot shipping container converted into a studio/workshop, Brian cuts, planes, paints, and reassembles these rejected pieces into something wholly new. A resident of Austin, Texas, Brian’s work embraces the beauty and contradictions of his home state. Energetic, unorthodox, rebellious, his work is ultimately a celebration of life and everything that makes it worth living.


Elizabeth NeSmith

is a music and fashion stylist and custom wardrobe designer who recently moved to Dallas, Texas after 11 years in the fashion industry in NYC. Raised a pageant queen and competitive dancer from Athens, Georgia via Panama City, Florida, Elizabeth's style is most inspired by her heavily rhinestoned, southern roots. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in in 2011, she co-founded Daisy & Elizabeth, a lingerie and swimwear company and Wild West online and pop-up boutique with partner Daisy Hartmann.  

Through Daisy & Elizabeth and Wild West, Elizabeth developed a passion for wardrobe styling and creating one of a kind pieces for the artist’s music and style that inspired those brands. It is her mission to collaborate and work with each artist to create one of a kind, timeless looks that compliment their music and personal style.

With growing interest from her client's fans in owning similarly styled looks of their own, Elizabeth has now extended her offerings to include custom embellished ready to wear and accessories available to everyone.

Some of her current and past clients include, Margo Price, Kacey Musgraves, Aubrie Sellers, Paul Cauthen, Sam Outlaw, Jenna Paulette, Lera Lynn, Fiona Silver, Brandy Zdan, Hunter,  Anna Rose & Kelsy Karter.


One Feather Press

One Feather Press specializes in making custom bandanas. They are washed, cut, sewn, and discharged by hand in East Nashville, TN. The result is a handmade piece of art that fits in your pocket. This year, the boutique will feature a Luck x One Feather Press collaboration bandana, with design from Saint No.


Howl + Hide

Christian Resiak was born and raised in Indiana, the crossroads of America. A lover of vintage, country music, and anything that has a story, Christian found it simple to build his brand, Howl + Hide, in the midwest. Howl + Hide started because of his passion in manufacturing well built goods. With leather being his focus, he set out to design and construct the most durable leather bags in the industry. From Christian’s early days to today he builds all of his products using his own two hands. Each item is first cut by hand then pieced together one stitch at a time. Christian believes that when you carry a Howl + Hide product you will see down the road that it only looks better with age. When Christian is not in his Indianapolis leather workshop you can find him building motorcycles with buds and building a life with his better half, Lauren and their tribe of animals.


Magnolia Pearl

Robin Brown lives in the beautiful town of Fredericksburg, TX.  She and her husband, John Gray, reside in a very special historical property, established in 1865 in the Texas Hill Country off Hwy 290.  This is the setting for the first ever 3 story fashion barn, made of all reclaimed barn wood, which is also the first Magnolia Pearl flagship store and a place of gathering for shopping, fashion shows and intimate musical events. Robin’s perspective on life and work is refreshing, heart-warming and creates space for the creativity in each of us to flourish.  

The journey to create Magnolia Pearl started as Robin grew up in Northern California and San Antonio, TX, daughter to authentic starving artists.  Robin describes her parents as the two most creative people she has ever met, not traditionally educated but brilliant, and her childhood home as a circus of sorts, housing their family band of gypsy artists.  

In 2001, Robin and John started Magnolia Pearl.  Resourcefulness being one of her most important companions, it enables Robin to consistently create new pieces of Magnolia Pearl inspired by the beauty that can be found in objects when they are loved in their entirety, including all the history an object or material might hold after years of being on this planet. Even all the new materials she uses are enhanced with the special look and feel of hand distressing.  Staying extremely passionate and generous are the driving forces that launch the creative arrow. Creativity is in her DNA, and Robin practices the art of paying it forward every day as her form of honoring the gift that is this life.

Robin adheres to the authentic values of breathing life and love into every piece, no detail is overlooked. Through her exploration of textile processes and an open and loving approach to garment construction, Robin has created the Magnolia Pearl signature style.  This dedication to art and a gracious life is woven into each piece, ensuring that Magnolia Pearl is always original, extremely detailed, and ahead of it’s time


Airstream Confessional

What if you could have a custom song written about your life by the best songwriters around? Walker Lukens’ Song Confessional is a mobile recording studio / faux-confessional booth where music fans’ experiences and ideas inspire top-notch songwriters to make original songs. The songs will be professionally recorded on the spot and later pressed to a one of a kind seven inch vinyl record for the fans to take home.


Emily Miller

is a muralist from Nashville, TN. Who has recently taken her paintings off the walls and onto clothes. Coming to Luck to paint your favorite things on your favorite pieces of clothing!


Faye Raven Collective

Michael and Katy are the owners of FayeRaveCollective, traveling the countryside to bring you the best, most unique Native American Jewelry pieces available. They have proven countless times that if you can't find a certain piece, they can!  Just ask! Find them @fayeravencollective on Instagram


Photo Wagon

Photo Wagon is Dallas’s first mobile photo booth!

Housed inside a 50s cardinal travel trailer, it’s perfect for weddings, parties, special events and really just about anytime you want to give your guests an original experience with a picture to prove it!

Party go-ers step right inside the turquoise and white “canned ham,” decked from top to bottom in vintage Texas memorabilia. Guests will make their way to the back, take a seat directly in front of the background of your choice and start to grinnin’! Each photo booth experience provides 2 printed strips with 4 poses each strip.

The Foundry Salon

With nearly 40 years of combined experience in the beauty industry, Craig Cobb and Corbin Shullanberger decided to forge a path of their own in order to build a different kind of salon in New Braunfels, Texas. A salon where guests could walk in the door and consistently receive the highest level of care from stylists they trust. A salon where growth was not only encouraged, but prioritized and incentivized – with leadership taking an unprecedented role in spearheading that effort. Their workmanship reflects an unwavering dedication to honing their skill sets, using industry leading hair styling techniques and products to craft a piece of living art. Add to that a skilled team of stylists and dedicated operations team, The Foundry Salon offers a unique salon experience, providing incredible service, delivered by amazing people, in an environment that cultivates confidence.


Apricity Ceramics

Sophia Turner makes dirt pretty, or at least that is what she will tell you. In reality Sophia has been drawn to the magic of clay from an early age and she's deeply invested in practical pieces made beautiful. In her small studio located in Atlanta, GA Sophia hand makes each piece out of porcelain clay by either slab form techniques or by throwing on the potters wheel. Everything is further decorated with a variety of hand mixed glazes and 22k gold luster accents. Everyday luxury is her life moto and her pieces are meant for exactly that.


Maker and Smith

Maker and Smith was founded by artist Brett Fox. Brett creates one of a kind, handcrafted pieces, pulling inspiration from his heritage and love for music. Maker and Smith creates simple and classic designs that will wear timelessly.

Brett has collaborated with artists and artisans on items from custom band merchandise to brand rings and custom pieces .

In 2016 we proudly began the collaboration with Luck Reunion to create the Luck family artist ring.


Sound Sight Tarot

Why predict the future when you can create it? Sound Sight Tarot is a coaching practice that uses cards as a tool for creative problem-solving. This choice-centered approach to reading encourages the client to make decisions that shape their future. Carly specializes in supporting artists and entrepreneurs facing creative blocks. Her tarot has been featured activity at Austin City Limits Music Festival in Tito's VIP lounge and she has led Tarot-based workshops at both Google and Facebook. Her company has twice been nominated as one of the best Tarot experiences in Austin by the Austin Chronicle reader's poll. She ain't your fortune teller, she's your new secret weapon to success. Learn more at soundsighttarot.com and join her on Instagram and Facebook!


Big Ear Pedals

BIG EAR pedals is a boutique effects pedal company that manufactures handmade effects pedals for guitar/bass (or anything else you want to plug into them) in Nashville, TN. Owned and operated by duo Grant Wilson and Karen Schierhorn, BIG EAR pedals strives to make stompboxes that sound (and look) their best. We hope you’ll dig them as much as we do!


Lot 59

In its fourth year back at Luck, Lot 59 is a perfect mashup of current fashion, vintage collections, and artisan made goods. This lifestyle brand based in New Braunfels, Texas is always a favorite.


Worth & Worth

Orlando Palacios is a heralded and creative artist based in New York City. Orlando has spent the past 20 years designing and manufacturing the finest handcrafted hats for fashion designers, celebrities, Broadway shows and stylish people from around the world. As the owner and head designer of the venerable New York haberdashery, Worth and Worth, he has grown to be the go-to lid-crafter for musicians ranging from Keith Richards to Elvis Costello and Beyonce. He often collaborates with fashion designers such as John Varvatos, Thom Browne, Robert Geller and Diane Von Fürstenberg for their runway presentations. Above all, Palacios is an artist with a truly unusual range of expression. From accessories to sculpture and installation, all reflect a prodigious and deeply personal passion for artwork based on the human form. He has worked with various people from all walks of life. From Michael Jackson to Paul Simon; Palacios and Worth & Worth have put a stamp on the world of fashion and entertainment as they have modern society. His passion for the craft enables him to keep the art of hat-making alive by using the same centuries-old techniques while the innovation and style of his designs remains unchallenged.