Dylan Showing off his #LuckFamily ring created by @makerandsmith Photo By: Joy Jacobs

Dylan Showing off his #LuckFamily ring created by @makerandsmith Photo By: Joy Jacobs

It’s been a busy year for Dylan LeBlanc. He released his 3rd record this past January, and since then he has been touring pretty relentlessly in support of Cautionary Tale, his first record with Single Lock Records. This past July, Dylan was swinging back through Texas, and we caught up with him after his show in Austin.


You have been on tour quite a bit since we saw you in Luck. You supported Alabama Shakes on their Southeast run in April, and now you're closing in on this portion of the tour with The Pollies supporting you. What are your favorite aspects about being out on tour with folks you know so well? 


Well we are familiar with each other and the way we play. I've been playing on and off with Jay for several years and he's the guy playing that signature guitar lick on cautionary tale. Sweet guy and extremely talented.


You posted a picture on social media recently of two of your guitars, Louise and Betsy. How do you choose the names for your instruments? Do you have a favorite?  


Well I call anything I own by women's names but I know I don't own women. We are living in the age of political correctness so I thought I'd throw that out there just for safety. 

My favorite is Betsy my black Gibson Memphis ES-390. She screams.


For many of the #luckfamily, a highlight of the day was the impromptu set y’all played in the barn this year. While the crazy weather raged on outside, we were in the eye of the storm with you and the band. During that set, you played a couple of your songs and then laid down an incredible cover of “Showdown” by ELO. It was a perfect song for that moment in time and it’s a song you have played several times over the years. What draws you to that tune?  (SEE LINK HERE FOR VIDEO)


I just think that Jeff Lynne is a genius. He comes up with wonderful arrangements and was a master of sonics at that time. Very innovative guy and that song moves so well. I grew up listening and playing to funk, and rhythm and blues and so maybe it's brings something out in me that feels like home.


Favorite stops on the road? Any giant balls of twine (or the like) that have caught your eye?


Uh, I saw a huge ass basket not that long ago in Ohio. The world’s biggest basket. 

Ate at the best Italian restaurant I've ever had in Kansas. That was unexpected and neat. 


How do you remain grounded when on the road? What elements of home do you make sure are with you when you travel? 


I try to sleep and eat decently but I usually feel half crazy when I get home no matter what. 


Any weird/crazy stories from shows/road you want to share? 


A crackhead snuck in our van once. Took us to a weird party and then we left cause he pulled his dick out. I don’t know how you feel but to me that means it’s time to roll. 


How was your time #inluck? Any stories you would like to share?


It was nice. It was nice to see something I'd been hearing about for years and years. 


As folks discover you and your music, what is the one takeaway you hope they get about you? 


That I’m just a humble girl at heart. 


Any artists or bands that you think we should know about?


This one guy named The Kernal has a record coming out in Single Lock Records and his songs and music really blow me away. 


Any glimpse into what you are working on next? 


I've been writing things here and there but I'm really gonna start working on new material on my time off next month and whenever I get a moment. I can't write and be on the road at the same time. I'm not good like that. Lot of my friends can. But I have to summon all my energy to focus on what I'm doing. 


You have already collaborated with the Emmylou Harris, John Paul White to name a few. Is there one person/band you would love to do something with? 


I'd love to get a lesson from Dave Rawlings. He's incredible. I'd like to hang out with Emmit Rhodes. That'd be fun. 

Dylan playing in the barn during the storm at the 2016 Luck Reunion. Photo By: Al Giesler

Dylan playing in the barn during the storm at the 2016 Luck Reunion. Photo By: Al Giesler