On September 19th - 24th 2016 Luck Reunion and Third Man Records took over a mansion in East nashville creating an analogue studio space with the goal of inspiring collaboration. Artists were invited to perform live and record 2 songs as part of a series called the “Luck mansion sessions”. We provided a sandled chef, a house mixologist named “Floyd’, and unlimited tape. this is what happened...

Love what you hear? You can buy 7" Vinyl editions of these Luck Sessions at Third Man Records or your local record store starting on March 17th, 2017. 




Parker Millsap and Sarah Jarosz were introduced to each other a year prior to these sessions, but brought a completely original song to the table. They also brought the room to total silence. Parker, already a Luck Family member who at the 2016 event shocked audiences both literally and figuratively when he shot out of a canon and onto our stage after the late afternoon lighting storm. Even after he took an electrical shock to the mouth from a microphone which wasn't grounded properly it was almost like it made him come back with even more fury as he launched into song. Sarah joined the Luck Family with this session and we are glad to welcome her. She's already snagged 2 Grammy awards this year and for good reason. These two compliment each other like a seasoned duo! 


Dylan LeBlanc joined the Luck family at the 2016 event and even though his set was rained out in the chapel he brought his amazing band over to the barn and played a short set for our storm weathering friends in the barn as they waited for it to pass. You can see glimpses of his ELO cover and more on our social feed. When we were putting this project together we knew with Dylan's masterful musicianship and and songwriting, not to mention friends and band The Pollies, something special would come from it..  and it definitely did. Dylan invited friend and another vocal and musical powerhouse, Rayland Baxter to join him. We had no idea what we were in for. When the two of them sat down in the parlor we knew at 1st strum and stroke of the cello from Courtney Blackwell that something magical was happening. You could hear a pin drop as they took us on a journey through their two songs. Enough said... watch it here: 


Aaron Lee Tasjan and our team go way back. We fell in love with Aaron in New York while in the back rooms of the 11th street bar and have followed and supported him as he's come into his own as one of Nashville's best songwriters and guitar players. We reached out to him as we put this plan on paper and asked who he would love to sing with - It didn't take long before the name Lilly Hiatt popped up. We are glad it did. She sings like a true angel. Their collaboration on Guy Clark's "Dublin Blues", and John Prine's "Angel from Montgomery" are incredible.