WORTH and Worth

Orlando Palacios is a heralded and creative artist based in New York City. Orlando has spent the past 20 years designing and manufacturing the finest handcrafted hats for fashion designers, celebrities, Broadway shows and stylish people from around the world. As the owner and head designer of the venerable New York haberdashery, Worth and Worth, he has grown to be the go-to lid-crafter for musicians ranging from Keith Richards to Elvis Costello and Beyonce. He often collaborates with fashion designers such as John Varvatos, Thom Browne, Robert Geller and Diane Von Fürstenberg for their runway presentations. Above all, Palacios is an artist with a truly unusual range of expression. From accessories to sculpture and installation, all reflect a prodigious and deeply personal passion for artwork based on the human form. He has worked with various people from all walks of life. From Michael Jackson to Paul Simon; Palacios and Worth & Worth have put a stamp on the world of fashion and entertainment as they have modern society. His passion for the craft enables him to keep the art of hat-making alive by using the same centuries-old techniques while the innovation and style of his designs remains unchallenged.



Ft. Lonesome:


Fort Lonesome Camp and Custom garments are herded into the stable by Kathie Sever, who, during her time as the designer of the children’s clothing line Ramonster, came to the conclusion that there had to be a clientele for clothing born of a mindfulness the manufacturing industry has by and large chosen not to cultivate.

Transitioning from manufacturing en masse to focusing on one garment at a time has allowed for the return to the kind of hyper-attention to detail that is impossible to recreate in a production situation – the symbiotic creation that is born from the collaboration of the client and the maker. The choices; each made specific to the moment, the person, and the desire.

Our studio here at Fort Lonesome World Headquarters is set up to, and enthusiastic about working with clients both singular and vast. Chainstitch embroidery will always be a one-of-a-kind labor of love, no matter the size of the job, so we're able to give equal attention and intention to every client we work with. We're eager see the reestablishment of non-digitized, maker-driven, domestic embroidery and happy to connect with anyone else looking to incorporate this type of specialized skill into their collection.


MAker and smith






Designed by Jack White, this former delivery truck takes its yellow and black exterior to the streets and offers fans the opportunity to purchase vinyl from Third Man recording artists along with other goodies.

Midnight Rider


Midnight Rider brings together the various inspirations of fashion industry veteran and good-hearted woman Ms. Mitra Khayyam. With her deep-rooted love of outlaw country music as a starting point, Midnight Rider offers classic American iconography refracted through a modern sensibility, resulting in fashion-forward designs that reflect an earnest enthusiasm for all things Americana.



Weathered Coalition


Company Profile:

Weathered Coalition is Austin’s newest shopping and lifestyle destination offering the modern man a curation of timeless American Made provisions. We believe in quality over quantity, and owning fewer but better things. From our small shop we share the stories of hard working makers with our guests from near and far, and humbly stock our shelves with the products that bring their stories together through everyday use. Come in and grab a chair, let us pour you a whiskey on the house, and join the coalition.




Tecovas is the first western boot brand committed to selling handmade, top-quality boots at honest prices, all directly to customers. Founded in Austin in 2015, Tecovas works with artisans in Leon, Mexico to craft cowboy and cowgirl boots by hand and sell them exclusively through our online store.


Velvet Controversy


Custom Recycled jewelry and highly curated vintage finds.



 AXISMOON is the collection of visual art created by Tiffany O'Neill Huff.   Energized by the beauty of southwestern landscapes and wildlife, her work explores expressions of animal medicine, flora and fauna through paintings, pottery and screen printed clothing.  AXISMOON studio is nestled in the small village of Wimberley, Texas where each piece is crafted by hand with respect to the ancient wisdom of the wild.





TOTeM Salvaged


TOTeM Salvaged was introduced in 2010, created by utilizing salvaged vintage materials and turning them into one of a kind handbags, furniture and accessories. Our focus at Totem is creating bold, artistic and tasteful pieces that are contemporary yet rich with history. Based in Los Angeles, our products are all hand crafted one piece at a time.



Oli Rose Collection


A brand that embraces leather heritage. Leather wears inspired by nature and the southwestern spirit. Handmade as opposed to a factory moil of mass production is what makes Oli Rose Collection much different. A brand that ignites the discerning customer that knows my product will be a part of their life or years, not just a season or two. Oli Rose is a wearable art of intention, purpose and meaning. Our souls long for the connection of authenticity from crafter to owner and that is the relationship I achieve to create.



Niki Fisk Jewelry


"Marvelous miniature shadowbox dioramas, tiny kinetic amulets, and other treasures are all hand made out of silver and gold in New Orleans, with love."



Description: Teysha is a social enterprise dedicated to preserving and celebrating cultural art forms by blending heritage traditions with modern functionality and quality. Each item is handcrafted and helps create opportunities for artisan empowerment throughout Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico. Our  goods are vibrant, unique, and meant to celebrate the diversity and spirit of our world.

Baby Bird Photo Wagon


Photo Wagon is Texas first mobile photo booth. Housed in a 1958 Cardinal travel trailer, party go-ers step right inside the turquoise and white "canned ham", make there way to the back, grab a few props and start grinnin. And just like photo booths in the 1950's, every person gets an actual printed picture to keep as a memory of all the fun times had. 


Wild Air Co

Instagram: @wildairco

We are Brooklyn Medrano & Casey Stippick---friends, design enthusiasts, and the two-person team behind Wild Air. Our passion for great design, the beauty of nature, and the combination of the two, is the driving force behind our line of handmade goods. Rooted in Southern charm, our collection of products strives to bring an untamed sophistication to everyday life.



Tanked Apparel


e're a couple of born and raised Texas boys, currently based in Austin, TX. Our hands are often frequented by cold beer and frisbees, usually close to the water or the woods. We've tried our best to create a line that fits a lifestyle fueled by fun with friends!